High Profile Membership

All campsites in Denmark have the opportunity to become a member site on Camptravel.

It is a prerequisite for our landlords of fixed caravans on campsites that the current campsite is a member site. This is to ensure that the campsite is familiar with the Camptravel concept and is ready to receive guests who use the seasonal guests' carriages.

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Your campsite can become a member site on Camptravel for free, and you as a member site will at least be shown on our overview map with name and location when you as a tenant search around for sites and caravans.

As a Camptravel membership site you get:

  • An active membership in a rapidly growing trend
  • Increased exposure of your particular place on both Facebook, Camptravel and through this a completely new opportunity for contact with new customers
  • Additional earnings on your season places
  • Better occupancy and utilization of available space capacity during the season
  • Increased rental of own rental carts if you put these up
  • General additional sales for several guests
  • Link to your own website that strengthens your search engine optimization (SEO)

This is how it will be a success at your campsite:

We know from experience that ongoing invitations to your seasonal guests to sign up make a difference. The more of your seasonal guests who sign up - the more rentals.

Therefore, the following 3 tips will help get your rent going:

  • Tell your season guests about the possibility (eg at the reception, poster, email, in facebook group or similar)
  • Put a link on your website about the possibility
  • Like/share ongoing posts from Camptravel's Facebook page etc.

Create and tell your season guests about the opportunity today

Create your campsite in the form below, and fill in the relevant data on the following pages. The more good photos, the greater the interest in camping in your particular location - in this way you help your season guests to more rentals.

If you have the slightest doubt or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@camptravel.net or by phone +45 2624 6271.